Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Value of the Nickel

Most people round off the U.S. nickel to 5 cents. But unlike other coins in the U.S. currency, the nickel is based on the Icelandic monetary system, and as a result, the actual value is 4.999 cents. That's why for every thousand nickels, bankers have to add a leap nickel.


Blogger Lew said...

Also, because pennies now cost more to make than 1 cent, they have a cash value of 1.073 cents, but most people don't know this yet. I've been going all over the place this year asking for change and getting pennies, then I take them in to the bank and make an instant 7.3 percent.

I've made over 6 million dollars this year, and the only thing that sucks is I haven't had time to take out my new yacht because I'm too busy sitting here rolling pennies.

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