Sunday, August 06, 2006

Training update

I just wanted to keep everyone updated on my Ju-Sai-Tao training. I'm still at the monastery, and yesterday they were teaching us how to dodge, jump over, and destroy moving vehicles. Not only have I learned how to jump over cars, but semi trucks as well, and I also learned how to disable the tracks on an M1 Abrams tank with my bare hands. I know Leobro is an expert on this topic but I'm still learning.

I've been destroying as many vehicles as the helicopter can airlift up to the monastery every day, there are no passable roads to get vehicles in here. They use a "skycrane" CH-54 Tarhe to tow the tanks up here, but I smash them up real quick. The monastery has a vehicle training course. I'm doing so well that they've agreed to teach me how to dodge bullets tomorrow.


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