Monday, August 07, 2006

Shoes with wheels in them.

I got some of those shoes with the wheels in the bottom, and I was racing down the sidewalk with them when a cop pulled up next to me with his lights on.  He started telling me I wasn't allowed to ride my wheeled-shoes down the sidewalk, since it's only for pedestrians.  I was getting worried that he was going to write me a ticket, but then he was like, "I'm just kidding, man, check this out!" He got out of his car and I saw that he had some shoes with wheels in them, too.  He offered to race me around, but he was a lot faster than I was since I just got mine.


Blogger LeoBro said...

I did get a ticket for riding my wheel shoes, but it's because I was talking on a cell phone at the time.

1:17 PM  
Blogger fashion said...

I too bought a timberland wheel shoes and i feel great.....wonderful experience on wheels

12:05 PM  

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