Friday, August 11, 2006

Training update 4: School's out forever.

I just graduated my Ju-Sai-Tao training at the monastery in Tibet. I've been awarded on a sesquicentennial blackbelt. In laymen's terms, that's like a third degree blackbelt except that it's 150 degrees of pure blackbelt. The cloth is coated with degenerate matter (like you would find in the core of a neutron star) that crashed to earth in a meteorite and is so black that it reflects zero light. It's the blackest fabric on earth.

To get this rank, my final test, as hard as it was, was to kill my master who taught me almost everything I know. The battle lasted for 15 hours and by the end, large segments of the mountain were completely destroyed. In a way I regret that I won, I had such deep respect for my master, but that is the way of the ninja.

I have my first mission at my new rank, which is a simple assassination. Normally it would have been very difficult, but as my last lesson, the monks taught me how to kill telepathically, so I don't have to get very close to the target.

Also, the reason Fidel Castro is in the hospital is because I was practicing before I graduated.


Blogger Kent said...

Did you happen to see the house where the League of Shadows trained while you were there?

Also, I think I saw the belt you're talking about at Target on the clearance rack whil shopping with my wife. They called it "Neutron Black". It hadn't sold very well, so my wife was able to buy five of them.

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