Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toy Litter Box

Tyco is releasing a toy litter box, for kids. It's similar in principal to the baby dolls they sell that mess their own diaper and have to be changed.

This one works like those self cleaning litter boxes, but the opposite, in that it slowly fills itself with fake cat feces over the course of weeks. The fake feces is a substance similar to play dough, and the fake cat litter is made of plastic shavings.

It is intended to give kids the opportunity to experience pet ownership without the actual hassle and expense of owning a real cat. It will debut for the upcoming holiday shopping season and will include a mangy looking stuffed cat. The MSRP will be $49.99. Simulated cat feces refill cartridges will cost $8.99 and last around a week.

Although the product hasn't even been released yet Tyco is expecting it to be so successful they're already starting design work on a system to deposit fake dog turds on a lawn. Prototypes include a robotic dog, like the opposite of a roomba, which will just kind of randomly leave its base station and drop product every 8 hours.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uncle Larry's Heart Attack

One time my Uncle Larry drank so much beer that he was declared legally dead for 6 hours. We were having a BBQ and on a dare my dad hooked him up to the keg and he almost emptied it. The paramedics came and got him then he was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Later, he woke up in the morgue. The doctors said they had never seen a case of alcohol poisoning that bad before.

Another time, Uncle Larry parked his car in our swimming pool.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Union Bolt Loosen-er

Today at work I was bolting some support structures together but I didn't follow the print quite right and had to take a couple stands apart. I started working on it when the super showed up and told me to drop what I was doing while he called in a union bolt loosen-er from the Local 404 hall. I had no idea those guys had their own union but they're pretty protective of their trade and don't like other unions horning in on their territory.

It was pretty kick-ass cause I got to go on break for 3 hours until he showed up to take the last four bolts out, and by then it was quitting time.