Monday, October 16, 2006

Broadcast from the Future

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I built a radio from a kit. When I was finished, I plugged in the earphone and turned the dial. I got a lot of static, then I heard a newscast where they were talking about two companies called Google and YouTube. Such silly names, I thought. Nobody would name their companies Google and YouTube. Then all of sudden the radio switched to Hello Goodbye by the Beatles, which I loved. I forgot all about that weird newscast all these years. Until yesterday when I was driving home from work, and I heard the same newscast! Oh my God! My radio had played a broadcast from the future! I don't know what ever happened to that radio. Has that ever happened to you?


Blogger Lew said...

Yeah, but it was an internet. I got this email from my friend who said he was sorry he wrecked my car. I assumed it was fake or spam or something. The next week he wrecked my car.

11:20 PM  

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