Monday, October 09, 2006

Guess who I threw off a porch.

Did you see Rick Sandbeck's face? I did that to him. He was mouthing off at a party and so I punched him a couple times and then threw him off a porch. He fell four stories but landed in a pile of leaves, so he didn't get hurt so bad. He'll think twice before he mouths off again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah well that's not the way Rick tells it. He said he had you in a head-lock and you were sobbing and saying "Stop it, Pleeeese...let me go, Uncle, Uncle" and all. Then when he loosened his grip a little you brought your head up real quick into his face and busted it all up.

Then I guess a bunch of your gaywad friends came and stopped him before he could kick your fag ass totally into the ground.

I'm not tryin to call you a liar or anything. I'm just sayin...

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your faggoted lies are bullshit, i was there and saw this whole thing go down, rick sandbeck was a pussy from the word go.

that blog was posted almost two years ago, so you know what happened on that day, but you don't know what happened next.

rick sandbeck went out looking for another "fair" fight with his friends and that guy who made the first post beat him so god damned bad that the police showed up and hauled him off to jail, kicking and screaming that he was gonna kill rick when he got out. rick was so scared shitless that he went out and joined the navy the next day and hasn't been seen around town since.

3:30 PM  

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