Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Time I Got Shot

A couple years back these 4 guys jumped me out back of a bar. I managed to fight off 3 of them but then the 4th guy saw that they were loosing and shot me in the gut. I wrestled the gun away from him and shot him with it. The other three guys were unconscious, so then I walked 10 miles to the nearest hospital, I had to do the last mile on my hands and knees. When I got there the ER room doors were broken so I pried them open, and lurched into the ER holding my intestines in my hands. The doctors said the only thing that kept me alive was how strong I was, because I lift weights at the gym all the time. If I wasn't that strong I would have died trying to get there on the side of the road.


Blogger LeoBro said...

In my training we all had to get shot in order to practice mentally overcoming the pain. After I got my magenta belt they took the bullet out.

9:30 AM  

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