Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tyler and Zach

There was this weird kid in my school named Tyler and Zachary, but everyone called him Tyler and Zach for short. His parents thought they were going to have twins, but the ultrasound was wrong. So they gave him both names anyway.

Tyler and Zach ate two lunches everyday. When the teacher asked a question, he would raise both hands and say "Pick us!" We all thought it was normal for every class to have a person who thought he was twins.


Blogger Gina aka Ms. Non Sequitor said...

Come ON there's no WAY someone can have 2 names....funny blog though...:)

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Tyler and Zach said...

Who is that silly person?

BTW, I'm doing much better now. I discovered that I wasn't twins when I turned 13, and with some coaching I was able to stop using plural pronouns by the time I graduated from high school. Now I'm living a normal, happy life and am dating Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

- T&Z

10:36 AM  

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