Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stun Ray

My Dad made some kind of a gun that would knock people out, like it let out a frequency and people passed out when you shot them with it. He built it when he was in the navy, when he built computers for the army. It was easy, so he says but he couldn't do it anymore, he forgot how.


Blogger paulo said...

I heard the PS3 was supposed to have come out last year, but they found out if you took off the outer casing it became a weapon basically like the one you described. It turned into a total nightmare for Sony, because the whole thing was built around a frequency generator that they didn't realize was so dangerous.

12:15 PM  
Blogger LeoBro said...

Gene Roddenberry said in an interview shortly before his death that Star Trek originally had people shooting with guns and bullets. But someone in the late 2080's watching the show noticed that everything was pretty accurate except for the guns. So this person from the future visited Gene in a time machine before the show started filming, and showed Gene a real phaser and how to set it on stun. So Gene put the phaser in the show and it was a big hit.

Someone later asked Gene if that didn't violate the prime directive, but Gene snorted, "It's a TV show, for godsake."

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