Monday, August 21, 2006

Auto-flushing Toilets

A lot of public toilets are now auto-flushing, thanks to sophisticated optical sensors. My cousin's neighbor works at the company that makes the sensors, and he told my cousin that the sensors actually have video cameras in them so that the technicians can remotely calibrate them. Not only can they see you, but they often get a kick out of making the toilet flush while you're still going.


Blogger Kent said...

Did you realize that the scanners at the "Self Checkout" lines at the supermarkets use the same technology as that found on the toilets? Not only do they scan your items, but the cameras inside allow security workers to see whether or not you're shoplifting. A friend of mine who works for a large security technology company told me that.

Also, the people manning the "self checkout" lines are robots.

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