Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pantera Bread

Panera Bread used to be called Pantera Bread and they had a really heavy metal club type feel to the place, but then they started getting successful and had like 10 locations so they got bought out by a conglomerate and they re-did the whole place to appeal to yuppies instead of rockers, and then ended up with restaurants all over the country. That's why you never see a rocker in Panera, they're still mad over the whole thing.


Blogger paulo said...

I like it much better now. I mean, the food is the same, but now I can bring my laptop and play on the internet, I used to just get beat up by metalheads every time I went. I guess their motto back then was "User Surly," and they used to have their cashiers swear at you and put you down because it added to the rock and roll ambience.

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