Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bowling is rigged.

Have you ever watched a professional bowling tournament on TV? They're run by the same dudes that run the WWF and each match is rigged so that the favored team will win. They use many different methods to do this, like high friction anti-lubricant spray on both the balls and the floor, weighted balls and pins, but my personal favorite is the magnets. If you watch close, you can see the ball curve at the last second to make up for the professional bowler's complete lack of skill. They use a giant magnet behind the pins and a metal core in the ball.

In 1966, Steve Wolcott of Florida, New York (they have a Florida in New York) was one of the finest bowlers that ever lived and made it to the televised tournament. Nobody had the heart to tell him that it was rigged. Because of the magnet, his balls were going every which way, he didn't know how to handle it, he'd been bowling his whole life but never had anything like this happen. He went clinically insane, ran down the lane and tackled the pins. He got caught in the machinery and died.


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