Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fun Facts About Spock

Everyone knows Spock, from Star Trek. Here's some fun facts about Spock and Vulcans in General.

Vulcans come from the planet Andor.
The Vulcan word for success is "Quah Plah!"
Vulcans use a series of drugs and electrical probes to keep their violent emotions under control.
Vulcans mate only once every 8 years.
Vulcans are not as strong as humans.
Spock is half vulcan, half Klingon, which is why he has trouble controlling his emotions.
The federation defeated the Vulcans in the year 2303.
Spock defected to the federation during the Great Vulcan War. He was the 15th Vulcan to enter Starfleet.


Blogger paulo said...

The king of Andor and ruler of the Vulcans is none other than Darth Vader, who lives in Castle Greyskull.

7:55 PM  

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