Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rap Album

Sup, yo? Have you heard my rap album? It's called "Thuggin on the Streetz" by me, Brutha Dro. It's about growing up in the hood, it's hard up in here, if you ain't watch your back, the streets'll getcha. Yeea, son. Yea. You want me to rap for you? Yeah, son. Sup... sup. We about to be going into the studio to cut our new album, "Ghetto Nation." Yeah, son. My dad's a lawyer, yo, he hooked us up fat with some studio time, and he gimmie this Lexus, but I bought the rims and stereo by runnin my hoes on the streets. Yea, son. I'm straight pimpin, poppin' collaz, dogg. Naw, dogg, I got to get to class, son... If I'm all late again them haters is gonna call my folks, yo. Peace!


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