Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gas Mileage

My uncle built this magnetic grapple for the front of his pickup. He used to get behind semis in their blind spot and then grapple onto them, shut off his engine and put it in neutral and just let them do all the driving. He did this for over two years and averaged 523 miles to the gallon, but finally one day this trucker heard on his CB what was going on and started whipping his trailer back and forth until he slammed the truck into a pylon. The trucker died but my uncle only needed 3 stitches.


Blogger J.M. McCarter said...

I found that a dead squirrel in the engine compartment did wonders to the gas mileage of my truck! I even had additional horsepower (squirrel power?) as it laid on the ignition wires and crossed them! Thanks squirrel!

8:31 PM  
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