Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Truck Ride

So I was fixing this truck at my dad's shop, and I got it basically all fixed, but I forgot one of the clamps on the muffler so I went out in the parking lot and I was bolting it on when I heard a door slam shut and the truck started. I started yelling at the guy, but he couldn't hear me and took off, my coveralls got snagged on one of his leaf springs and I got drug underneath his truck 5 miles down the road to the local bar. I finally got my coveralls untangled from the spring and I walked in the bar, covered in dirt, blood, and with my clothes all ripped up. The bartender said: "What the heck happened to you?" So I said: "Give me 5 shots of jager, one for every mile this jerk drug me underneath his truck."


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