Monday, June 26, 2006

The tiny frog man.

Years ago, this toy company released a science kit for kids that helped you take apart a live frog and put it back together with its bones in a different configuration. It would walk around on two legs like a person, grabbing flies with its hands and popping them into its mouth. It was such a cool little kit, but animal rights activists complained and they had to take it off the market. I have one, but since I already used it once I can't use it again because they stopped selling the refill kits for it. I've been offered almost a thousand bucks for it since it's now a collector's item.


Blogger LeoBro said...

I didn't have the frog kit, but I did have the one where you transplant the brain of a parrot into your dog. My parents used to have three yappy dogs that I hated. My mom and dad could never figure out why Roger started talking all of a sudden. When someone would come and ring the doorbell, two of the dogs would bark their heads off and Roger would scream "Shut up! Shut up!" It was hilarious.

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